Forest · Desert Trip · Beach

1 Hour £35 or 2 Hours £45 (sunrise & sunset £5 surcharge)

A great introduction to riding, our 1 hour trip is suitable for novice riders and families. Miles of beautiful landscape surrounds us and make this excursion a fabulous way to spend an hour in the sunshine riding gorgeous horses. This is suitable for all levels of rider, and ideal for a beginner trip.

At the back of our stables club there are many kilometers of green plantations where seedlings of trees and shrubs are being grown. Green plants shelter safely from winter wind and summer heat. There are a world of picturesque paths full of turns and twists between the trees into the desert making our 2 hour trip perfect for more experience riders looking for plenty of room to stretch out and fly with the horses.

The desert is especially beautiful at sunset, when the setting sun illuminates range of mountains overstretched along the Red Sea! This is the prime-time for horseback riding in the desert.

Swimming with Horses

Novice, Families & Couples, 1 hour: £40 · Advanced Riders, 2.5 hours: £55

This is the most popular of all of our excursions in the summer months, and most definitely something to tick off your bucket list. Our horses love the sea and adore swimming, and swimming with horses is one of the most spiritual and beautiful connections with human and horse to be found.

Designed for all ages and all levels of experience this fun horse riding adventure is perfect for the whole family and groups of friends. Riding along the beach in the sunshine should be on everyone’s holiday list! What could be more breath-taking than horseback riding on the beach and swimming in the sea?

For Advanced Riders we offer a longer trip of 2.5 hours which included plenty of beach canters and gallops.

Full Day £135

(10am – 3pm and runs between October and March)

Our full day trip combines the best of everything! The morning is spent on a gorgeous trail ride through the desert and woods, we will return to the stable for a fabulous BBQ lunch. Our afternoon ride takes us to the beach to swim with the horses.

Kids Club and Lessons (Friday · Saturday · Sunday)

~ Group Riding Lesson: £30 ~
~ Half Day: £55. Group riding lesson & horse grooming, showers and feeding ~
~ Full Day: £95. 1 x group riding lesson, horse grooming, showers and feeding, plus one beach riding trip of an hour including swimming with horses. BBQ lunch ~

For children and teens we offer the best in riding lessons and stable management. Under the guidance of experienced coaches our sport school students comprehend the skills of handling a horse, maintenance and care, learn to ride, participate in competitions in dressage and jumping, which are regularly held in our club, as well as in costumed horse shows and demonstrations.

The eligible age to enter into the club is up to 10.