Captivating Cairo
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Our authentic Egyptian experience, ‘Captivating Cairo’ takes in the sights and sounds of Egypt’s bustling capital city – its museums bursting at the seams with history, hectic ‘souqs’ full of banter and cafés filled with clouds of aromatic shisha, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore one of the seven classic ‘Wonders of the World’ on horseback.

Staying in a stunning guesthouse close to and with views of the Pyramids of Giza, you will experience ‘Real Egypt’, the heart-warming local hospitality of these wonderful people and saddle up for two long, but unforgettable rides into the depths of history that Egypt is renowned for.

Day 1 – After arriving in Cairo and at your guesthouse, the ‘Great Pyramid Inn’, you will have a chance to settle in and unpack before heading out to the Cairo Museum or Egyptian Museum, as it is commonly known. The Cairo Museum is home to a host of Egyptian artefacts and houses the world’s largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities.

Day 2 – Day two takes us on a magical 6-hour ride to the Great Pyramids of Giza and the ancient Sphinx. Riding through the bustling streets of Cairo on route, you will pass street sellers with their friendly energetic banter, local children playing noisily with their friends and Egyptian women sat on the floor of their houses baking bread on their gas burners and chatting happily with relatives.

Once we reach the Pyramids, you will have time to explore these breathtaking structures and the chambers where the Pharaohs were buried before visiting the mythical Sphinx with its body of a lion and head of a human. A delicious lunch will be provided before we head back to the hotel where you can relax for the evening and have dinner.

Day 3 – Our final riding day leads us deep into the vast, golden sands of the desert to ancient sites that are not as familiar to many as the Pyramids of Giza and remain almost untouched.

Our first stop will be Abu Sir Pyramids. Unlike Giza, these Pyramids are rarely visited by tourists and remain ‘un-walled’ which means we are able to ride inside, get off and really explore. Here we will also have a refreshing ‘cuppa’ or ‘shay’ as it is known in Arabic, with the local ‘Boab’ before heading off for lunch, which is provided at nearby stables.

We will also ride close to Sakkara Pyramids, best known for the ‘Step Pyramid’, the oldest of Egypt’s 97 pyramids built in the Third Dynasty for Kind Djoser. Both Sakkara and Abu Sir served as cemeteries for the ancient Egyptian capital city of Memphis so are bursting with ancient Egyptian history.

With a camera full of spectacular photographs, a mind full of everlasting memories and no doubt a tender bottom after this 8-hour ride, we trek back to the stables and head for the hotel in readiness for an evening of dinner, good company and more exploring of this vibrant city.

Day 4 – Check out from the hotel for your flight home.

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