Ride Egypt

The Trip of a Lifetime (Review)

Needless to say I left my heart, spirit, and soul in Egypt. This was a trip of a lifetime.

Family and friends warned me of compromising my safety traveling to Egypt. From the hospitality Emma and her staff provided, I felt the complete opposite. All preconceptions were wiped away with Egyptian smiles, singing, dancing, and laughter. Emma and her staff give you the royal treatment. Her love for animals shines through with her thoughtfulness and care in choosing the right mount for your rides throughout the trip.

The horses were not only stunningly beautiful, but they were happy and healthy with good brains. I wanted to bring one home! She always ensured the horses came first as well. I truly felt welcomed with open arms and hearts throughout this magical experience. Needless to say I departed in tears and a heavy heart. Inshallah habibi I will see you soon! 🙂

Sarah – USA.

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Ride Egypt

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