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Amazing holiday and an unforgettable experience! (Review)

This was so much better than I expected or could have imagined! I have done other horse-riding trips before (South-Africa, Bulgaria, Tunisia, and Botswana) but this one was special for me. This trip had it all for me: horses with a fun personality, culture (old and new), local food with lots of veggies (I am vegetarian) and a team that loves horses and life.

I have laughed so much. And there were lots of ‘flying’ opportunities. The stable in Luxor looks like a dream. Everything is pristine and alive with happy animals and stunning and very well trained horses (stallions, geldings, and meres). Emma clearly loves her horses, animals, and her team. The tack for the horses is beautiful and I had a blast riding two beautiful stallions (Belal and Ghazal) in Luxor.

Emma her team immediately sees the abilities of the riders and they use that to decide which horse fits who and how the ride will be. Safety for horses and riders is one for them. It was also great fun due to the other two riders. We have laughed so much with the whole team there. The culture part I also enjoyed. I find the Egyptian past fascinating and now I finally saw it with my own eyes.

A lot of “ten minutes and then we continue” but that was good to keep it doable because there is so much to see. And it was also very funny because that is how they do it there so we got some current culture too.

The last part is in Hurghada and that is different compared to Luxor. Touristic places are not really my cup of tea, but I understand why people come here when you like beach holidays and want to relax. We had here some awesome rides.

There are more opportunities to ‘fly’ with the horses thanks to the desert with its open planes. Here is another stable and again I could see how much they love their horses and are proud of them. I rode a sweet stallion (Amir) and a fun mere (Samara). It was awesome.

We also had a day on a boat and we snorkeled with wild dolphins (so beautiful!!). The last day we swam with the horses after a ride and that was fun.

Besides the amazing horses, it is due to Emma her passion, the team she has surrounded herself with and the other relaxed riders, that this trip was a blast. Emma and her team went the extra mile for us. There were so many sweet little surprises. I have made new friends for life and I had an experience that I will cherish. I highly recommend this trip!

Valina – Netherlands.

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