The Great Giza Pyramids & Sphinx: 1-3.5 hours

1 hour: £25 (beginner) · 2 hours: £65 (medium) · 3.5 hours: £75 (advanced)

The last remaining wonder of the ancient world; for nearly 4000 years, there is no mistaking their identity, their extraordinary shape& impeccable geometry.

Built as massive tombs on the orders of the pharaohs, they were constructed by teams of workers tens-of-thousands strong. Today they stand as an awe-inspiring tribute to the might, organisation and achievements of ancient Egypt.

This trip can be suitable for all levels of riders. Our private trips allow each guest an opportunity to visit the 7th Wonder of the World, The Giza Pyramids by horseback at their own paces. For beginner riders we recommend an hour, and for more advanced 2-3 hours will give you plenty of great photo opportunities and lots of wonderful speedy canters and gallops around these magnificent monuments.

For those who want to explore further, our 3.5-hour trip also covers the desert plateau surrounding the pyramids and is littered with tombs, temple ruins and smaller satellite pyramids. Whatever you choose, you’ll will not be disappointed!

Speedy Sunsets & Sunrise at Giza Plateau: 2 hours

Advanced riders only: £55

Looking to combine only speedy rides with minimal sightseeing but still have the desire to get some of our epic pyramid photos or videos? This one is for you.

This ride covers a little bit of the local village before arriving slap bang in the middle of the plateau with the pyramids offering a show-stopping background on the horizon. We will ride to a Bedouin tea house perched at the top of a sand dune with stunning views around. Enjoy a cold drink and relax before taking up the reins again to fly across the deserts home.

Abusir, Sun Temple & Sakkara: 2-5 hours

2 hours (sunset / sunrise): £45 (all rider levels)
3 hours: £85 · 5 hours £145: Includes lunch & Dashur Pyramids. (Advanced riders only)

Visit The Pyramids Of Abusir and the Sun Temple by horseback! Unlike Giza, these Pyramids are rarely visited by tourists. We are blessed with tons of open space which is perfect to allow the horses fly without any interruptions.

There are 14 pyramids located in Abusir belonging to ancient Egypt’s fourth dynasty. Abusir is located 2.5 kilometers north of Sakkara and about 12 km south of the pyramids of Giza. The most important pyramids at Abusir are of those of Sahure, Niuserre and Neferirkare. The Abusir Pyramids Complex rarely gets the recognition it deserves, and in fact, many guide books and tour brochures don’t even mention it.

Be prepared to be dazzled on horseback as you visit the final resting ground for many pharaohs, nobles and other important officials, and particularly for those who lived during the time of the 5th Dynasty in Egypt’s Old Kingdom era. Our next view is Sakkara Pyramids, best known for the ‘Step Pyramid’, the oldest of Egypt’s 97 pyramids built in the Third Dynasty for King Djose. Both Sakkara and Abu Sir served as cemeteries for the ancient Egyptian capital city of Memphis so are bursting with ancient Egyptian history. This is a wonderful trip exploring areas unseen on many tourist trips.

Please note this is a scenic riding trip, the horses and riders do not go inside.

Pharaohs Full Day Ride with Lunch: 9-4pm

9-4pm approx: £195 including a driver for the day (Advanced riders only)

Let us showcase the best of both Giza Pyramids and the Spinx and Abu sir and Sakkara all in one day with the addition of a mouth watering homemade lunch.

Where else could we start our trip other than Great Pyramids of Giza, especially when we do it on horseback! We will ride straight to the four most famous  sights; the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the Pyramid of Khafre, the Pyramid of Menkaure and the Sphinx. An awe-inspiring ride that is unique to this part of the world and allows you to experience one of the classic seven wonders of the World. This is a great ride packed with amazing photo opportunities!

Our next stop is our Abu sir stables. After your morning ride you will transfer by private car to our facilities at Abu Sir. On arrival you’ll receive a tour of the beautiful Arabian horses on site before you sit down at our huge lush green stable where you can enjoy a great lunch in a very relaxing environment.

After lunch we will be back in the saddle for our second ride of the day. This super fun speedy ride will take us past both Abu Sir and Sakkara pyramids. The best part of this ride is however the open ground which really showcases Arabian horses in the desert and their love for speed.