Sights, sounds, textures and tastes! (Review)

Final thoughts on Egypt…when I think of Egypt, I think of a plethora of sights, sounds, textures and tastes!

The contrasts between ancient and modern, traditional and current, breathtaking beautiful and less than, the music, the food, the people and culture all mix together into an intoxicating perfume.

I have grabbed a few of my favorite photos … thank you so much to all my traveling companions for keeping me in wonderful photos …

If you want to ride the pyramids, swim with your horse, race across the desert on an Arabian steed, lodge in authentic Egyptian inns where you are guests not tourists, or perhaps a luxury cruise down the Nile eating your way to oblivion works well for you, did I mention swimming in the Nile, and while you are there, be sure to note the luscious green fields and foliage along the way as you relax for an evening dinner cruise with the lights of Luxor gleaming like diamonds…but look beyond the riverbank and the desert takes over … truly the River of Life … and for your entertainment wander the Valley of King’s and Queens with Amal our guide who became friend as she makes hieroglyphics come to life and the importance in Egyptian history of what you are looking at, not the view you were looking for, perhaps you’ll get it in the hot air balloon ride over the King’s & Queen’s Valleys, tombs, temples, and pyramids, a museum for little closer look and understanding of the etchings, paintings and statues, shall I tell you about my love affair with Ramses my camel for awhile and have I mentioned food …. have some roasted chicken that melts in your mouth or tons of veggies good good good …. some cream cheese dish to die for spread on pita bread … let’s talk the endless buffet at the beach resort in Hurghada oh yes … haven’t got there yet …. a quick stopover for an evening of supreme relaxation and dining at a palace yes you are reading this right a palace in the desert, and then to Hurghada to a four star beach resort on the Red Sea and of course we fulfilled dreams of swimming with our horses here and some swam with dolphins, and the horses very well trained they walk thru chaos and confusion with total confidence and safety and run their hearts out in the desert happily and joyously, one last note, the staff and guides are beyond helpful and attentive, they throw a great Egyptian party too if you like singing & dancing, always felt safe and in best of hands, and last but not least if any or all of this and I know I left out a lot, but if you happen to have interest in any of the above,

Emma Jane Levin at Ride Egypt will make it happen.