Ride Egypt

Trip of a Lifetime (Review)

I have dreamed of going to Egypt since I was a little girl, and finally that dream was realized!! I am so happy I went through ride Egypt, their horses are well cared for and safe! They have horses for all skill levels.

I have been riding my whole life so it was amazing to be able to flat out gallop across the desert, words just can’t really describe it! Our amazing guide Sabr really made the whole the trip, he speaks great English, and we had a total blast with him!

Coming from America everyone had a real negative opinion of me coming to Egypt, but the Egyptian people were truly the kindest, most welcoming and helpful people I’ve ever met in my life and they have a great sense of humour too, I never once felt unsafe on my trip. In fact I wouldn’t hesitate to come here solo. We went to Cairo and Luxor, and I’m definitely planning On coming back!!

Truly the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life, Emma was great at working everything out since we came as a group of 3, and happily fit everything we wanted to do in this trip, I truly can’t say enough good things about this company or the people, what are you waiting for book a trip already !!

Julie (America)

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Debbie – UK (Review)

Incredible Egypt, is what it says on the label…this holiday has been everything and so much more.

Un voyage extraordinaire! (Review)

Les chevaux sont vraiment bien, très bien dressé, hyper gentils, et très bien soignés ! Emma est toute son équipe sont très attentifs à leur cavalerie.