Duncan – UK (Review)

There are many rural riding holidays, there are many riding holidays where you can swim with your horse, there are even many safari riding holidays…….., but there is only one Luxor. Whatever you imagine Luxor is going to be like, you won’t get close to the reality. The scale of what the Egyptians built is mind-blowing. So why go with Ride Egypt?

  • You stay on the West Bank, which is infinitely nicer than the cosmopolitan East Bank. Here you are in touch with the true Egypt.
  • On horseback, you can ride through the villages to see rural Egypt as it really is, and you can also ride right up to the temples.
  • You stay in family-run small but very comfortable hotels. (An option to camp out in the desert may be coming soon!)
  • Emma and her team have nice horses and a well-run set of stables
  • Emma employs knowledgeable guides and is good company.
  • Administratively, the holiday is well run.

Emma has achieved a huge amount in the 6 months or so since she set up this ride and she has exciting plans to tweak it further. My only bit of indecision was whether I could give this ride 5/5 when I know it is going to get even better!

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