For all locations, we are happy to provide return hotel transfers on request at an extra charge. Hourly riding should be paid for in cash (any currency) or PayPal / online + 5% charge.

Cairo Giza

A 2-Hour Ride at Giza Plateau is £65 – All rider levels

A visit to Egypt is not complete without visiting some of the most magical and infamous ancient sights on offer.

Looking to combine only speedy rides with minimal sightseeing but still have the desire to get some of our epic pyramid photos or videos? This one is for you. Covering a little bit of the local village before arriving slap bang in the middle of the plateau with the pyramids offering a show-stopping background on the horizon.

This trip can be suitable for all levels of riders and is available as a private tour to fully immerse yourself in the saddle at your own pace.

A 3-Hour Ride across Giza Plateau & Pyramid Complex (price includes access to one of the Pyramids) is £95 Advanced Riders Only

Enjoy everything our 2-hour ride has to offer, but let’s take a trip back in time with and discover the 7th Wonder of the World on horseback and enjoy some thrilling speedy canters and gallops around the magnificent Giza Pyramids. Built as massive tombs on the orders of the pharaohs, they were constructed by teams of workers tens-of-thousands strong. Today they stand as an awe-inspiring tribute to the might, organisation and achievements of ancient Egypt.

These are the last remaining wonder of the ancient world; for nearly 4000 years, there is no mistaking their identity, extraordinary shape, impeccable geometry and the sheer magnitude of their size until you are standing next to them.


A 1-Hour Introductory Ride along the Nile & Villages is £30 – All rider levels

There is no better way to experience the tranquil, natural beauty of Luxor than in the saddle. Imagine riding past banana plantations and into traditional Bedouin villages, which are alive with the excitement of every day Egyptian life. Our routes follow the bank of the Nile where you will see water buffalo grazing and locals fishing.

A 3-Hour Ride to Habu Temple (Temple visit included and refreshments) is £70 – Advanced riders only

You could not wish to spend a more exciting 3 hours in Luxor! Lets continue on from our 1-hour ride and head through sugar cane fields and across rural countryside and desert, and onto traditional Egyptian villages. Lets spend a thrilling few hours of cantering whilst taking in the cultured scenery! We visit the Temple of Medinet Habu shadowed by the mountains of Thebes and spot the ancient temples dotted along the West Bank of the Nile, through the inquisitive ears of your trust steed.

Winter Season Only (October- April)
A Full Day Riding with Lunch 8-3pm is £145 – Advanced riders only

Time to go off track for a full day ride which includes a fabulous lunch at a private villa with a pool and lunch.

A stunning ride through the sugar cane fields and countryside. See the local farmers tending to their fields in same way as their forefathers. We will take a step back in time to when the pharaoh rules. Ride around the temples and tombs, dismount your horse and explore by foot. Lunch will be served on your trip at New Gourna and after lunch we will take the desert route back, visiting local villages, turning towards the canal and taking the last stretch home along the Nile. For those who wish to try, this is also a great place to swim with your horses.

Hurghada Red Sea

A 2-Hour Ride & Swim with the horses is £55 – All rider levels

Let’s explore the immense rugged desert landscape across the golden sands with mountain backdrop that looks like it could be another planet on a breath-taking horseback ride, before reaching the serenity of the Red Sea, this is where we experience something truly amazing! Swimming with our horses, they thoroughly enjoy this just as much as you will!

Winter Season Only (October- April)
A 3-Hour Sunrise/ Sunset Desert Trail £85 – Advanced riders only

Whilst in the Red Sea why not let loose on this 3-Hour Desert Trail- some of this desert scenery is absolutely breath-taking. Let’s have some speedy gallops, canters and trots and really immerse ourselves into our surroundings and there will be plenty of photo opportunities on the way. Doing this trail sunrise and sunset give you the chance to witness the stunning kaleidoscope of colours of the sand dunes. A perfect trail for those who want to encompass a thoroughly good ride against a stunning backdrop.