Included in Riding Holidays

  • Accommodation: All riding holidays include accommodation.
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided on riding holidays. Soft drinks & alcohol are payable locally. Complimentary water bottles on riding trips.
  • Guides: Riding and non-riding guides are inclusive.
  • Horses & tack including saddle bags and water for each ride.
  • Prices are quoted on sharing a room.

Not Included

  • Insurance: We request you take out travel Insurance. Ask your local insurance company or travel agent about it. You will not be allowed to participate in the trail ride without having personal travel insurance. See below for more information.
  • Flights: International and domestic flights are not included.
  • Ticket entries are payable locally with a debit or credit card (no cash options)
  • Personal expenses
Spending Money to Bring

Tips: We take a simple tip kitty to cover all your tips for the week. Tipping is such a big thing in Egypt, it can be very confusing for visitors here so take that headache away from you. You should budget $150 for a single person (or $250 per person if joining the Fairytale Fayoum Riding Holiday), which will be gathered from the group on the first morning of your holiday. These tips cover everything from airport transfers, hotels, housekeeping, restaurants, horse guides, Egyptology guides, water taxis in all locations on your trip.

Payment Terms

  1. 50% deposit payable at the time of booking. Your balance is due 21 days before travel.
  2. Pay in full at the time of booking, at least 3 months prior to travel and receive a complimentary bottle of bubble and room upgrade to Pyramid View in Cairo
  3. Pay in 3 with Paypal

Cancellations / Unable to Travel

In the event that you need to change your booking, we offer a gift voucher or credit that’s valid for for 1 year.

Our cancellation policy is available here.

Airport Transfers

  • Hurghada Airport to Luxor: approx. 3.5 hours – £70
  • Hurghada hotels to Hurghada Airport: approx. 1 hour – £30
  • Luxor airport to/from Luxor hotels: approx. 1 hour – £30
  • Cairo Airport to/from Cairo Hotels: approx. 2 hours – £40
  • Cairo Airport Meet and Greet: £40 per person
  • Cairo Airport to Fayoum: £150
  • Sharm el Sheikh Airport to Dahab: £35
  • Aswan airport to Aswan Hotels: approx. 1 hour – £30

Main language

English. Guests are required to have a good knowledge of the English language and to be able to communicate with us easily. This is a firm and non-negotiable requirement.

Late Check Outs

All our holidays finish with check out at midday. Breakfast is included, lunch is not. Late check outs are available direct to your hotel before 10am and payable locally.

Passport / Visa / Vaccinations

  • Passport: Required for all foreigners with a minimum of 6 months remaining
  • Visa: Payable at Cairo, Luxor, Hurghada and Sharm Airport on arrival $25. Cash only payment. Please be prepared
  • Vaccinations: Not required in the area where we ride (for other regions consult your physician)

Riding level

Our holidays are designed for ‘riders’ – travellers coming from around the world to ride together. You should be confident and in control at all paces including gallop on a well-trained, spirited horses in open spaces and in English saddles.


The climate of Egypt is a subtropical arid climate and the area is officially classed as being ‘hot desert’. Temperatures generally range from averages of 18 – 23C in January to 33 – 37C in August, but it is not unheard of for it to be several degrees higher than this during the summer months. Rainfall is rare and sunshine is pretty much guaranteed all year round.

Despite the hot overall temperatures, you will find that it becomes much cooler at night time compared to in the day, especially when you are travelling in more remote areas or through the mountain regions. For this reason we do recommend that you take a few warmer items to keep you cosy at night time.

Landing Cards and Visa Location Information

You will be required to fill in a landing card on arrival to Egypt, this also applies for those who wish to apply for visas online before arrival.
The address is always the first hotel you will be staying at.

  • Cairo Pyramid Edge Hotel – Nazlet Al Seman Al Kebli, Nazlet El-Semman, Al Haram, Giza Governorate
  • Luxor Nile House – Kornish Al Nile, Al Bairat, Luxor, Luxor Governorate

Where do I Meet my Driver?

If you have booked a transfer with us, please EXIT the airport after you have your bags. Our drivers wait outside with a sign for Ride Egypt. Do not wait inside the terminal.

In cases of emergency you can contact:

  • Cairo – Hady 0100 9480923 (English and Arabic speaking ) Hassan (Arabic speaking) 0114 1178530 or Maryamme (English and Arabic speaking) 0114 5922000.
  • Luxor – Emma  0100 4355774

After You Have Booked

Once you have booked your holiday we will provide you with a rider confirmation form to complete and send back, plus a comprehensive welcome guide. PLEASE READ IT. It will INCLUDE information such as where your driver will pick you up depending on your arrival airport, clothing suggestions, weather, electricity etc.

Our rider information forms require standard information for flights, diet and riding history, for example:


Please list as much information about your riding history. Please do not overrate your riding and be honest We reserve the right to remove you from our holidays if we feel your level is a danger to the group. We accept novice riders, but this must be agreed pre booking.


Please confirm you can ride in an English saddle as you MUST be able to ride in an English saddle to join our holidays.


Please list any medical information that may be helpful.


Please list a contact number and name in case of emergency.


Please provide information on your travel insurance. We require that you take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy, including health cover, before you start your trip. Please ensure that your insurance covers unexpected losses or expenses e.g. lost luggage, stolen cash and credit cards or cancelled/missed flights.

You should check any exclusions and that your policy covers you for horse riding and all the activities you want to undertake – you may not be allowed to ride without adequate travel insurance so please do send us your insurance information before you depart.

Please note that some insurance policies specify that you must be wearing appropriate clothing and a riding helmet in order to be covered for horse riding activities. We strongly recommend that you wear a riding hat during the rides (and when handling the horses) but if you intend not to, please make sure that you are still insured and can claim for medical expenses in the event of an accident.

NB. We recommend that you book your insurance as soon as you book your holiday (or as soon after as possible!) and include cancellation cover, as you will need to claim on your insurance should you have to cancel your holiday due to illness, injury or other.

Trip Cancellation Insurance is recommended, in order to protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances interfering with your holiday.

Welcome Pack & Ride Confirmation Form

These can be downloaded from our Dropbox here.