Ride Egypt

A life-changing experience (Review)

For the Ride Egypt recipe you first put indefatigable Emma and her marvelous team of riders, guides and drivers in the middle of a bone-dry desert, you then add as ingredients some beautiful three thousand year-old pyramids, temples and tombs, a couple of wild horses as well as a few tamer ones; you shake well after an insane gallop and mix in a healthy dose of intoxicating Egyptian food, culture and music with generous doses of warm Arabic hospitality and – alakazam – you have got yourself a holiday experience which will stay with you till the day you die!


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Every Dream Comes True! (Review)

I had the most incredible time with Emma and her ride Egypt Teams all over the country. Right from the planning stage in Australia through to the very end of the trip in Egypt

Debbie – UK (Review)

Incredible Egypt, is what it says on the label…this holiday has been everything and so much more.