Every Dream Comes True! (Review)

I had the most incredible time with Emma and her ride Egypt Teams all over the country. Right from the planning stage in Australia through to the very end of the trip in Egypt I could not have asked for more professionalism, knowledge, courtesy… and of course so much fun and adventure!

Emma created an amazing tour which addressed every ‘bucket list’ item I could think of and more!

THIS IS THE COMPANY YOU WANT to go with if you wish for the very best of everything. Warning: There are other companies trying to pull off similar holidays but DO NOT be fooled. There is a reason Emma, her teams and her horses which make up ‘Ride Egypt’ are Award Winning. If riding in Egypt is a holiday you wish to have, DO IT! Don’t hesitate! If you can think it, Emma can do it.

Thank you so much to all at Ride Egypt, I’ll be back before you know it!

Nic ~ Australia 🙂

Personal Note to the Team from Nicole

So in about 9 hours I leave Egypt. And it is so much harder for me to leave than I ever thought possible When I made the decision to come to Egypt, it was to be the fulfilment of a lifelong dream. To visit the country which I had loved ever since I was a small child. Yes the whims of children can be quaint, and entertaining, yet this was no whim. It was an enduring passion, inexplicable longing that was always there, imprinted on my soul.

So I listened to the painful, jagged pieces of my heart that cried out for some rescue, a repair and redemption only to be found in the Egyptian deserts. For once I actually listened to my heart and followed it, even though its voice was a mere whisper after years of ignoring it. And redemption was indeed there to be found. Always follow your heart. For when it speaks in the quiet of the night, when things are darkest, coldest and most lonely, it is only truth that it utters. It will never lead you astray. You must find the strength when hope is lost to give it all just one last go.

Close your eyes, ask yourself how you honestly feel, and then make a wish on the moon, and Find the courage to hold out your hand… You may be very surprised at what you find yourself holding.

Thank You Egypt.

On Egypt and Her Magic

Alone in the desert
I found myself
I found myself in every grain of sand.
In this vast place
All the individual tiny pieces whirled together to show me in a deep meditative silence,
And peace,
The person whom I have always meant to be.
I liked this woman
I loved her
I knew her
Every single part of her
Although I’d never met her
Like the desert knows and loves every single reach of its sands.
So each day I broke myself further apart from inside
To finally step out of the burdensome shell of self which I had been bearing like armour,
And it fell away in the warm winds like the dried husks of a seed.
I was free
I embraced her
And enveloped the truth which stood before me.
And I was whole.
I was Home.