Ride Egypt

Best Holiday Adventure I’ve ever had!! (Review)

Absolutely incredible experience! Although I am an adventurous person, and I am used to traveling internationally, I was a little hesitant on flying to the Middle East considering our current situation.

I was introduced to this trip by a friend of mine and I cannot thank her enough. We were two girls traveling alone to an unknown place that we could barely pronounce but somehow we felt very safe because the pre-preparation‘s were very organized and set clear expectations.

We visited three locations in Egypt, began in Urghada spend a couple of days in Luxor her and ended in Cairo. The hotels were beautiful and more than what we had expected, and the food was absolutely delicious! Eating out for 10 days could be tiresome but somehow Egyptian food felt light and fresh and everywhere we ate felt homemade. My favorite place was Luxor because I felt that I really got to feel what it’s like to live as an Egyptian within the country and not necessarily any busy cities such as Cairo.

Riding horseback throughout the cities really made the experience unique and submerged us in the local community. The organizers Emma and Mohamed were absolutely amazing. Emma would make sure that everything was well coordinated and we were getting to all of our destinations. She curated the perfect list of activities tailored just for us. At one point we even asked if we could see a belly dancing performance and she topped that with a private dinner on a beautiful boat on the Nile river where we received our own belly dancing lessons!! It was so fun and unexpected! And Mohamed made sure we were always having fun while staying safe. Horseback riding can be dangerous as you can expect especially with Egyptian and Arabian “hot” horses but he was always looking after us. Especially in Luxor, where they have their own stables and you can see and feel the love that they have for their horses.