Why Book With Ride Egypt?

The question on many an equestrian’s lips…more to the point, why Egypt?

Over the past few years, Egyptian tourism has taken a massive hit and the effects of reported terrorism have turned the country upside down. However, even during these tough times, Egyptians have rallied together with expats to continue to promote this magnificent country and Ride Egypt has grown from what it was in Sharm el Sheikh to what it is today.

So why choose us as your holiday provider? It’s simple. We love what we do here at Ride Egypt. We love our horses (well all horses, not just ours), we love Egypt and we love showing you the beauty that Egypt has to offer on horseback! Seeing the coat-hanger smiles that this country, its history and its people can create is what keeps us ticking and what inspires us to search for more adventures to take you on.

In January alone we welcomed riders, now friends, from the UK, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Germany. Some travelled together, some alone but no matter where they came from or how they came, we gave everyone a warm welcome, looked after them, showed them a wonderful time, and they left as friends and part of the Ride Egypt family. Solo travellers are plentiful here at Ride Egypt so if you are rolling solo, there’s no need to panic! You’ll never feel alone here in Egypt!

I guess every company can say this though, right? Maybe. But what makes us even more special is that I am your girl on the ground. I’m British, I live here and I know what you need to do and see to make your holiday great. You are not booking with a tour operator or via an online chat system where Sally from London sits typing while chomping on her sandwich completely uninterested in what you really want from your holiday. You are booking with me – a real person. Someone you will meet as soon as you get to Ride Egypt in Luxor. I know this country. I’ve made it my home. I can tell you the positives and the negatives, and I will give you good, honest advice. I am living the dream here and when booking a holiday with Ride Egypt, you are welcomed into my home, into my life and into our Ride Egypt family.

The ultimate goal for Ride Egypt is to create the perfect holiday for you, a holiday that ranks as the best you have ever had and becomes carved in your memory like the hieroglyphics in many of our local temples.

So far, we think we are doing a pretty good job, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating as the saying goes so why not munch through some of our fantastic testimonials that we have received this safari season.