Ride Egypt

Horse Holiday in Luxor/Cairo (Review)

Visiting Egypt is a dream of mine. When we booked our trip I thought the best way to see such a different culture and a beautiful landscape would involve Egyptian horses. I was hesitant at first to book any riding in Egypt as I worried about a lot about the condition and care of the animals being a horse owner and previously in the business myself. (Even the nicest appearing places have animals that can be overworked and depressed).

When I researched Emma, I was pleased at what I saw and decided to book a ride in Luxor. After emailing back and fourth I made a friendship and could tell she was someone who was incredibly proud of each animal.

Ride EgyptI decided to book two more rides in Cairo after all seeing Giza by horse would be incredible and I already knew her animals were happy. She arranged everything excluding our driver; Bottus, who made the entire short and packed full vacation smooth and no stress. We felt safe as he waited with us wherever we went and became like family sharing stories and pictures and even taking us to lunch.

When we showed up in Luxor Mohammed was our guide and each horse was groomed well and in very good condition. Even the stable hands were very proud of the horses and you could feel a wonderful energy in everyone.

I was pleased that they let me ride a wonderful black stallion Belal who danced around proudly from each site to the next and carried me through busy streets that I’m not entirely sure I would even manage driving though. He was incredibly happy and obviously loved life very light and forward but listened to every bit of energy.

My husband is not as confident and has a high energy horse at home but doesn’t always feel comfortable on a new horse and Emma’s choice of horses was spot on for both of us. He rode Hercules who was a beautiful spirited horse who was pleasantly predictable and had great brakes. In Giza he rode an incredible stallion Ghazal which we were tempted to bring home with us. He even beat me in a race at Giza.

I won’t describe the places we went as that would take too long, but it was amazing and the horses as well as Egypt and it’s people far exceeded my expectations. Have an open mind and and talk with the locals you will learn a lot and make friends you might have been too reserved to find and realize how wonderful and honest Egyptians are. Our driver, Bottus stands out in my mind bringing our GoPro back when we accidentally left it behind.

Book a trip and don’t stress any details. These guys will steer you in the right direction and you most likely will want to live in the stable with the horses and have quinoa 6 times a day. Date of experience: October 2019

Stephanie – USA.