Day Trips


There are a wealth of riding options, from cantering along the Nile to watching water buffalo graze along its lush green banks. Travel through the villages on horseback or gallop along the banana and sugar cane fields in the sunshine. Longer trips visit the deserts and of course no Luxor experience would be complete without a visit to the Temples on horseback.

Our facilities are located on the West Bank. It’s quirky and it’s real Egypt. The horses have a fabulous life, there are several well maintained boxes, although most live out in huge lush green paddocks with mountain views (and who can blame them!).

Meet some of the proud and gracious stallions in the stables, whose skin is shot with copper or steel glitter in the sun. You cannot help but smile while watching funny, cute donkeys, who even follow you checking your pockets in case you have carrots. Early morning, empty picturesque roads and you with a horse. feel as the hero of famous ‘Mummy’ discovering the city of the dead.

We cater for all levels of rider, from first time beginners and children, to the intermediate and more advanced. Helmets and safely equipment are provided as standard to all guests, and transfers are very easily arranged either by motorboat or Taxi. Non horse riders can also take an alternative excursion by camel, or groups of horses and camels are a fun option too.

Some Luxor Highlights & Places of Interest

  • Valleys of the Kings, Queens and Workers
  • Hatshepsut Temple
  • Memnon Colosse
  • Ramssesum
  • Temple Medinet Habu
  • Monastery named “Mohareb Tadros” which means “fighter”
  • Deserts
  • Sugar cane fields
  • Beautiful river Nile and enjoy the landscape water buffalos, wonderful birds and other kinds of land- and wildlife and its animals

1 Hour – £30

This ride is the perfect introduction to real Egypt. Suitable for all levels of rider, our one-hour trip takes us past banana plantations and into traditional Bedouin villages, which are alive with the excitement of every day Egyptian life. Our route back follows the bank of the Nile where you will see water buffalo grazing and locals fishing.

This is a stunning trip highlighting the tranquil Egyptian way of life in Luxor.

2 Hours – £45

This trail ride takes us through sugar cane fields and across rural countryside and desert, and onto traditional Egyptian villages. We visit the Temple of Medinet Habu on horseback, shadowed by the mountains of Thebes. We highly recommend this trip at sunrise and sunset for a chance to witness the stunning kaleidoscope of colours from the top of the sand dunes.

3 Hours – £75

This wonderful trip is ideal for more experienced riders looking for a few hours of cantering and cultured scenery! Our 3 hour ride covers farms, villages, the Nile, deserts and of course a visit to the stunning foot of Mount Thebes.

On your way back you will visit the Temple of Medinet Habu and spot ancient temples, dotted along the West Bank of the Nile, through the inquisitive ears of your trust steed. You could not wish to spend a more exciting 3 hours in Luxor!

Full Day with Lunch £145 (8am – 4pm)

A stunning ride through the sugar cane fields and countryside. See the local farmers tending to their fields in same way as their forefathers. We will take a step back in time to when the pharaoh rules. Ride around the temples and tombs, dismount your horse and explore by foot. Lunch will be served on your trip at New Gourna and after lunch we will take the desert route back, visiting local villages, turning towards the canal and taking the last stretch home along the Nile. For those who wish to try, this is also a great place to swim with your horses.

Sunrise/sunset surcharge – £10