Ride Egypt

Mind Blowing (Review)

I had the privilege of spending a couple of weeks with Emma and everyone else that makes Ride Egypt special.

Ride EgyptI’ve been home for more than a couple of weeks now and I’m still living off the high of flying through the dessert with ancient temples and pyramids as our backdrop, on the back of the most sunning horses I’ve ever seen. The horses are so well cared for and well trained they were always able to come up with one perfectly matched to everyone’s ability for the day.

All of the adventures we experienced were mind blowing, all of the accommodations (and staff) were fantastic, I could not stop eating all of the delicious food. Everyone made me feel welcome and safe and completely taken care of….SPOILED!! I was able to relax and soak it all up without a worry.

If you have ever dreamed of one day experiencing Egypt all I can say is DO IT!!!

A HUGE HUGE thank you to Emma (for sharing your little pieces of heaven with me), Sabr (best driver/guide/new friend EVER), Amel (a women with an endless wealth of knowledge and loving heart), to all of the horsemen and horsewomen with Ride Egypt and the charities that care for all of the horses and other animals… including the visitors 😉

I’m counting the days until I can return!!

Trisha (Canada)

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