Ride Egypt

Not a Rider? Not a problem!

Only rider in the family? Dream of galloping across the desert but worried about leaving a bored partner stranded in the hotel while you’re out having a blast? Then read on….

Here at Ride Egypt we have made a name for ourselves in the equestrian world combining our passion for Egypt with award-winning horse riding holidays, but the fun doesn’t stop there! We also have a wealth of knowledge to benefit non-riding friends and family so that they can enjoy a fabulous holiday, experiencing all the activities Egypt has to offer, whilst meeting up with riders for meals and shared site-seeing. We take the time to find out what’s important to every guest and are happy to chat through these options at the initial booking stage so that we can plan an incredible itinerary for non-rider guests to enjoy alongside their horsey counterpoints!

So just what can we offer?

Most of our holidays are multi-centre to allow guests to explore the many gems that put Egypt on everyone’s bucket list, starting with Cairo.

Cairo is a maelstrom; a heady, chaotic, exotic whirlwind of a place. It’s loud, proud and jam-packed with adventure. With our in-depth knowledge of the city and our superb team of guides you will be able to avoid the common pitfalls of the everyday tourist, allowing you to experience the real Cairo.

We endeavour to bring riding and non-riding guests together for on the essential on foot site-seeing, such as the Pyramids and Giza, the Sphinx and the Cairo Museum. But while our riding guests are off galloping in the dunes of Abu Sir, our non-riding guests can be downtown, taking part in our local street food tour, or quad-biking at Saqqara, to then meet up at dinner and re-live the day’s adventures together.

Fayoum, approx. 1.5hrs drive from Cairo, will in contrast transport you back in time. This stunning natural oasis is a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its unique geological wonders. It is also a palaeontologist’s dream, boasting some of the best examples of the Archaeoceti, the earliest form of whales, when they were land-based mammals. This fascinating area is home to hundreds of invaluable fossil remains and its relatively under-the-radar tourist status makes for a truly personal and atmospheric experience as you walk amongst these ancient relics.

Fayoum is also a playground for the adrenaline junkie as it is popular with sand boarders. Try your hand at this extreme sport with professional coaching and fly down those dunes with the wind at your back, immersing yourself in the spectacular scenery.

For those with an artistic interest the Pottery School is an unusual and successful addition to Fayoum’s cultural prosperity. The school was founded in the late 1970s by Swiss artists Evelyne Porret and Michel Pastore. It was designed as a place of emancipation for the children of the local village where they could hone their creativity and at the same time provide a livelihood for themselves and their families. It remains successful to this day and is a wonderful place to visit.

Luxor has an astounding number of world-renowned ancient sites all within walking distance of each other! You can easily devote a whole day to wandering through Karnak’s ancient colonnades, temples and shrines. Dedicated to the gods Amun, Mut and Khosu, Karnak is said to be the largest religious monument ever built and it took over 2000 years to complete. Our Egyptologist guide will talk us through key elements of its history and structure bringing it to life before our eyes.

For those wishing to delve into the modern, local culture we can arrange cooking lessons where you will learn how to use the authentic spices and traditional methods used in creating Egypt’s delicious fare – a gift to take home! Not to be missed, of course, is a leisurely cruise on the Nile complete with sundowners; sip sumptuous cocktails as you glide softly along this epic river with the sunset playing on the waters beside you.

Hurghada’s aquamarine waters speak for themselves when it comes to relaxation as well as fun-filled activities! While our riding guests are splashing about on horseback there are a myriad of facilities at your fingertips not to mention the luxurious spa treatments available at the hotels. The Red Sea is famous for its colourful fish; the marine wildlife here is extensive due to the area’s thriving reefs and welcoming habitat. Snorkelling and diving are a must to witness these wonders, and for something extra special we can arrange a day’s boat trip to swim with wild dolphins.

For the restless adventurers we can offer exhilarating quad-biking tours in the Eastern desert speeding across the dunes and the vast, open plains. Yalla!

For the culture vultures Hurghada’s Seafood Market offers an insight into the local community – we can arrange a tour of the fishing harbour, shopping in the stylish marina, followed by a memorable dinner of delicious fresh fish and seafood all from the day’s catch!

So what does this all add up to? It shows you that Egypt truly has it all, and it is there right now, proudly waiting to show you all it has to offer.

Ride Egypt