Rachel – UK (Review)

An Inspiration! I’m not even sure where to start…Egypt was always in the top three countries to visit and I wasn’t entirely sure how to do it, but riding had to be on the agenda. I discovered Ride Egypt about six months ago, where after just having returned from a riding excursion for the second time in India, I had a difficult challenge to level the experiences I had encountered in other countries. After a brief discussion with Emma Levin, it didn’t take long for me to decide that this choice of holiday was a no-brainer.

Thanks to Emma’s incredible skill of combining professionalism, adventure, and friendliness whilst juggling being a guide, friend, horse owner, manager and owner, I was provided the holiday of a lifetime, which I doubt could be beaten.

I cannot express enough how this inspirational lady had bent over backwards to not only achieve everything on our wish lists and ensure we were happy, comfortable and looked after in every respect from company to meals, but she went above and beyond her job role to arrange an unforgettable surprise day which neither myself or my travel buddy could have anticipated.

Her focus remained as a horse lover throughout, and whilst some riders travelling abroad may be concerned with animal welfare, temperaments and ride-ability of horses abroad, I can assure anyone considering a trip with Ride Egypt that the care of her animals was second to none.

The enthusiasm of her lifestyle and love for all her animals was obvious, and showed in the happiness of her staff and the animals themselves – what a wonderful life they live. Without creating a spoiler to anyone else considering a holiday with this establishment, the few photos I have chosen to attach feature a few of my favorite memories of the trip which will stay with me forever. This is the ultimate blend of relaxation, culture, adventure and excitement for any type of person and any confident rider – needless to say I’ll be back as soon as I can!