Ride Egypt Lands in Luxor!

As the sun glistens and creeps through the roof of our stables, through the palm leaves sheltering me and my four legged friends from the heat of the day here in Luxor, and the birds happily sing and chirp in their ever peaceful surroundings, I sometimes have to pinch myself to remind myself how lucky I am and what a good decision it was to open Ride Egypt in Luxor.

It’s been a manic few months and a long old haul what with one thing and another; the changes in Sharm, the building work we’ve had going on here in Luxor, transporting the horses from Sharm to Luxor, exploring our new surroundings, preparing for safari season – craziness!

But, we’re here, the horses are here, even my cats are here and we couldn’t be happier! It’s amazing to see how well the horses have adapted to their new environment and how quickly their waistlines are expanding with their never-ending supply of lush grazing right under their happily snorting noses!

We’ve also welcomed a new four-legged friend to the Ride Egypt family – Mella. She’s a beautiful 6-year old, bay mare who is built for endurance and really loves to pick up the pace on the dirt tracks leading to the temples!

She’s a fantastic, exhilarating ride – a must for all you adrenalin lovers, and what with Egyptair starting direct flights on Mondays from London Heathrow from 3rd October there is no reason for you to miss out on meeting her and visiting us here in beautiful, historical, awe inspiring Luxor!

We are really pleased with how much Ride Egypt has come on in such a short space of time.

The stables really are a peaceful haven in what can be a very hectic equine lifestyle, but when I sit back in the Bedouin chill out area at the stables with my laptop on my knees, a beer in my hand and my beautiful Belal sneaking a peek through the corner of his eye as he munches on his hay, I’m proud of what we have achieved and hope that you can come and visit us to understand why we call this place home.