Ride Egypt

Second Amazing Holiday with Ride Egypt (Review)

This was my second holiday with Ride Egypt and this time I brought my partner along for the ride.

We both had such an amazing time with Emma and her team, everyone is so friendly and the guides are incredible, we learnt so much on our visits to the museum in Cairo and to the Giza pyramids, Saqqara and Dahshur as well as a wonderful city and local food tasting tour of Cairo (a particular highlight for me as a foodie).

The horses are incredible, responsive, fast and honest – there is nothing like the feeling of galloping out in the desert and we had skilled riders and guides in our group which ensured we had lots of opportunities for that. We also visited and camped overnight in fayoum oasis, we rode round around the lake galloping in and out of the water, took exhilarating drives along the vast sand dunes and at night over the campfire watched as fennec foxes investigate around the edges of our campsite.

A truly magical experience with amazing people, we will be back and we can’t wait to holiday with you again, thank you so much!.

Sarah – former guide at Horizon Safaris

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Ride Egypt

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Being able to ride in front of one of the wonders of the world it’s a bucket list item that a few people can say they’ve done, and I’m so lucky to be a part of that group

Clodagh – Ireland (Review)

Wow!!!! This trip really exceeded all my expectations. Emma and her team at Ride Egypt were amazing and tailored our trip down to the smallest detail to make it the most magical experience!