Ride Egypt

The best way I can sum up this trip is simply, wooow! (Review)

I’ve never travelled with a group before and I was extremely hesitant to do so but I really liked the idea of a tour on horseback so I decided to give it a shot and am so glad I did!

Everything about the experience was simply amazing, Emma and her husband are fantastic hosts, all their staff and partner stables are wonderful. The guides for the temples and tombs were super knowledgeable and I learned so much about ancient Egypt. Their horses are obviously loved and well cared for (and so fun too!) And don’t even get me started on the food, it was so good and there was always so much of it!

And the group I was with… after worrying heaps about the fact that I really struggle when surrounded by more then a couple people I was pleasantly surprised and would count every member of that group among my friends!

I did Adventures of Luxor and Makadi Bay and Luxor just blew me away, it was such an amazing place between the temples, the stables and the West Bank I fell in love! And there happened to be a horse party one night while we there, seeing Egypt’s dancing horses (and getting a chance to ride one) was an experience I will never forget. Hurghada was nice as well, swimming in the Red Sea with horses was an absolute dream!

I was initially only going to ride with them for the length of that tour but ended up adding an extra day in Cairo to do Giza because I had so much for the rest of the trip and I’m so glad I did. Emma let me ride one of her personal horses and I had such an amazing time!
I have no doubt I will go back and do another riding holiday with them in the future and would recommend them to anyone who loves horses and history to book a tour with them!

Kyle Mac – Nov 2021